Centre Manager Sit-Out

Centre Manager Sit-Out

This Christmas, our Centre Manager Adrian Young will be sitting outside the Food Court to help raise money for Action Homeless. This will take place between 9am – 5pm from the 17th – 21st December.

Action Homeless is a local charity and social enterprise committed to improving the lives of people affected by homelessness. They have been based in Leicester for over forty years and help individuals and families from across the city and county. Everyone that walks through one of their front doors has access to a wide range of services, which aim to tackle the causes and consequences of their homelessness. Their team of staff and volunteers work hard to ensure people leave Action Homeless with somewhere to call home and the skills and means to maintain their independence

Here are some key council homelessness statistics from last year:

  • 1,412 families were provided with support to help them maintain their current home or find alternative accommodation
  • 2,327 single people were provided with support to help them maintain their current home or find alternative accommodation
  • Leicester’s Rough Sleeping Outreach Team identified 198 individuals who had slept rough at some time in that year – sometimes between 30 to 40 people every night

Within Action Homeless we have housed 408 people in the last year. We’ve also given out advice and guidance to over 1000 people facing homelessness or in need of crisis support.

Our message this Christmas is simple. We’ve identified 3 positive ways that members of the public can help people experiencing homelessness:

  • Give Local: Make a donation to a local charity that directly provides support to people experiencing homelessness or rough sleeping. Donating local means that your money will be used to provide practical and professional help where you are.
  • Volunteer: Give your time to one of the numerous opportunities available during the winter period. Hostels, drop in projects and night shelters need extra support to as they scale up their activities during the winter months. A couple of hours of your time can make a huge difference
  • Refer: Use the Street Link website (Streetlink.org.uk), helpline or app to connect rough sleepers with professional who can help. Street Link works nationally and alerts services like Leicester’s Outreach Team who can go and speak to the person you have seen and offer them help and support.